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Quick Start - NewComp Setup

Now we are going to enter details for our thermal duration competition
This is the Competition Setup screen.
This screen has all the fields appropriate for the selected competition class.

Now we are going to enter our pilots for this competition.
Click on the Pilot Entry button.

You will then see the Pilot Entry screen.
To select a pilot, click on a pilot on the left, then use the right pointing arrow to add that pilot to your competition.
You can simply double click a pilot on the left and the same thing will happen.
Pilot frequencies can be edited directly in the grid on the right. For 2.4GHz enter 2.4. When all pilots are entered click on the Save button.

Just a few more things and we will be ready to create the draw.

You might want a score discard after a certain number of rounds.
If so, change the Drop Worst Task Scores - 1 at Rnd 99 to read 1 at Rnd 6, or whatever round number you choose.

Set the Duration target time in seconds. In this case it is 600 seconds (10 minutes).
Choose the timing decimals. The range is 0 - 3 decimals.
Set the Points/Second to '1'. You would choose '2' for F3L.

You will probably want to award points for good landings.
Select one of the Landing Bonus tables from the drop down list.
You can check the landing bonus table details by clicking on the View Lndg button.
You can create your own landing bonus table from the Main Menu.

Change the number of flight groups per round to a suitable figure.
The Pilots/Group (Min/Max) figures change to reflect the number of flight groups per round.

Now we are ready to create the draw.

Click on the Create Draw tab to continue.