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Reports - Overall Results Options

Report Scope

This report can be run for 'All' or any combination of 'Country', 'Club' or 'Class'. The default setting is 'All'.

If the report is restricted by making a selection, the scores can be reported in one of two ways.
- Restricted Scope Scoring selected - scores are re-calculated as if the only pilots who flew were the pilots within the selection.
- Restricted Scope Scoring NOT selected - uses the same scores as for the 'All' version of the report.

Restricted Scope Scoring is useful for competitions
where, for example, only the pilots from a particular
Country qualify for a single competition National Championship, and where it is important to remove the
effect of the flights of pilots from other countries
from the results.

Click on the drop down box that shows the number of pilots selected. You will then see the pilot names.


Use the Show/Hide options to choose what is shown on your report.
See more on the 'Flight Details' option below.

Select Rounds for Report

The report can also be run for any range of rounds.
Why would you want to do this? Because longer competitions can be reported as though
they were separate competitions, with each qualifying for LSF competition points.
So a 14 round competition can be reported for rounds 1 to 7, rounds 8 to 14 and rounds 1 to 14.
If the number of rounds chosen meets the 'drop score' setting, a score will be dropped from the rounds chosen.
Any penalties recorded in the range of rounds chosen will also be taken into account.

Reports - Overall Results

Show/Hide Flight Details is not ticked.

Shows overall results for the competition (including drop scores and penalties).
Pilots are ranked from first to last.

Reports - Overall Results With Flight Details

Show/Hide Flight Details is ticked.

Shows overall results with flight details for the competition (including drop scores and penalties).
Pilots are ranked from first to last.

The flight details reported depend on the competition.

For this thermal duration competition the details are flight time and landing points.

For F5J details are flight time, height in metres, landing points, 'Yes' if over 75 metres.

Other competition types are treated according to their scoring elements.

This example shows how penalties are noted both for the round and also in total.