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Score Check

Score Check

The Score Check button appears on both the Competition Setup screen and on the Scoring screen.
Clicking this button brings up the screen shown at right.

The Score Check screen allows you to quickly find scores

  • that may have been missed, or
  • that may have data entry errors.

Items of interest are coloured -

  • Red - equal to or below lower limit.
  • Blue - equal to or greater than upper limit.
  • Grey - value is within limits.

Depending on the type of competition, you might want to check for

  • Group scores that are very low (or zero).
  • Duration times that are very low or unusually high.
  • Landing scores that are very low.
  • Laps flown (F3B Distance) that are very low or very high.
  • Speed times (F3B or F3F) that are very low or very high.
  • Motor Run times that are very low or very high.
  • Start heights (F5J) that are very low or very high.

The items that can be set depend on the type of competition that is being checked.
Un-check any item that is of no interest.

By un-checking 'All Pilots', it is possible to quickly cycle through each pilot in turn by clicking on the up and down arrows.
Individual rounds can be isolated in a similar way.