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Always use the latest version of GliderScore for eScoring.

GliderScore provides for remote score input by smartphone.

Here is how it works

Here is a short video contributed by Mike Vos that explains eScoring very well.

  • The competition is created on the PC.
  • Data is sent from the PC to the GliderScore server.
  • Pilots access their data from the server and enter scores.
  • When a pilot taps 'Submit', their score is sent to the server.
  • The scorekeeper downloads scores from the server to the PC.
  • Score calculations happen automatically.
  • When all scores are in for a round, the scorekeeper re-uploads the data.
  • This puts up-to-date results onto the server.
  • The pilots can now see their current ranking and scores.

There is no direct connection between the PC and the phones.

  • The PC sends to the GliderScore server and receives from the GliderScore server.
  • The phones send to the GliderScore server and receive from the GliderScore server.

Why use this system?

  • Reduced chance of errors from poor writing.
  • The QRCode has to be scanned only once.
  • Pilots/officials can enter scores at the landing spots.
    Memory lapse errors are eliminated.
  • No more time wasting trips along the flight line to submit scores.
  • Fewer delays from gathering scores. Entry is quick and easy.
  • Built in checks to ensure validity.
  • Can continue with manual scoring if all else fails.
  • Pilots can review their scores on their phones.

Available for all glider competitions.
F3B   F3F   F3K   F3J   F3Q   F5B   F5J   Thermal   Electric

As organiser, you will take these steps. More details in following tabs.

  • Make sure that the flying field has good mobile/cell phone coverage.
    If coverage is poor for some ISPs, you might have to establish a wifi hotspot.
  • Create the competition and the draw as usual.
    Make sure that all the scoring parameters are set correctly.
    These parameters will be uploaded.
  • Make sure that the QRCode Setup is correct for eScoring.
    You only have to do this once.
  • Print the Score Record cards.
    These provide a QRCode that, when scanned, connects pilot to the server.
  • Upload the data to the server.
  • Download scores once the competition gets under way.
  • Check for missing scores.
  • Publish results.

Go to the For Organisers tab for more detailed information.

As a pilot, you will

  • Bring a smartphone to the competition.
    The phone must have a QRCode scanning app installed.
           - Android phones
              - QR Droid is very good.
           - iPhones
              - You can use the built in feature of the iPhone camera.
              - Chrome for IOS sounds good.
                It has a built in QR scanner and tabs that should make
                handling multiple pilots on the one phone very easy.
              - Opera Mini for IOS sounds good.
                It also has a built in QR scanner (button is in the address bar).
  • Scan the QRCode that is on your Score Record.
    This logs you in to the server and loads your master scoring page in your web browser.
    This web page takes you to an individual scoring page for each flight.
  • After each flight
    Write your score details on your Score Record.
    Enter your scores on the phone and press 'Submit'.

Go to the For Pilots tab for more detailed information.