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GliderScore - Other Audio Downloads
Audio Timer Files Contributed by Others

This page has audio files created by others.
If you have done the same, and are prepared to share them,
please send them to me and I will add them to this page.

5 second countdown to a 12 minute working time.
Flying can begin with very little delay.
Contributed by Jack Murphy.

This file is for ALES competitions.
5 minute prep-time and 10 minute working time.
Contributed by Dan Vester.

Silence of up to 2.5 minutes can be set by using this '0.5 minutes of silence' file in place of the '1 minute of silence' file.
Contributed by Gerry Carter.

These files are all for a 12 minute working time with various lead in times.
The 1.5m and 2.5m lead in is simply 30 seconds of silence before the count down begins.
Voice generated courtesy of 'AT&T Natural Voices'.
Files constructed using WavePad Sound Editor software.
Contributed by Gerry Carter.

This file meets the requirements of UK eSoaring Rules 2015.
5 minute prep-time and 11 minute working time.
Contributed by Martin Bell.