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Digital Timer - Introduction

GliderScore DigitalTimer is a companion to Gliderscore.

The program

  • Makes all audio announcements, including timer announcements
  • Runs a very accurate timer and displays the time on screen
  • Optionally outputs the time to a digital clock display panel (AerobTec LED panel shown)
  • No need for pre-recorded 'timing' .mp3 files

The progam can be run from the command prompt.
See the end of this page for details.

Step 1 Create the Playlist using Gliderscore.
Step 2 Open the DigitalTimer program (from within Gliderscore).
Step 3 If your display does not work with this program, contact me to resolve the issue.

When using the DigitalTimer

  • Set your computer to stay awake. If it goes to 'sleep', so will the DigitalTimer.
  • Disable any anti-virus program from running.
    McAfee Anti-Virus has been shown to intermittently interrupt the DigitalTimer.
    Other anti-virus programs may well do the same. Avast seems to be OK.

Watch this video to see the program being used at a competition in Holland, or
this earlier video made in a workshop including the use of a one minute landing window.
Videos courtesy of Arjan Harmans.

The DigitalTimer program can be used with or without a display panel.
Don't have a display panel? Click on the 'Display Panels' and 'Display Panel Build' tabs.

The first step is to create the Playlist.
Click on the 'Create Playlist' tab to learn more.

Run DigitalTimer from the command prompt.

You can supply one or two arguments.
1. the path to the Audio files and/or
2. the path to the file 'Translations.lng'. If this argument is not present the UI will be in English.

>D:\gliderscoredigitaltimer.exe c:\gliderscore6\audio
>D:\gliderscoredigitaltimer.exe c:\gliderscore6\audio c:\gliderscore6

Note that the file 'Translations.lng' is generated when running GliderScoreDigitalTimer.exe from
within GliderScore. It is not deleted on exiting so, once created, it will be there for use
by GliderScoreDigitalTimer.exe from the command prompt.