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PilotsMulti-Class Competitions
Pilot Setup for Multi-Class Competitions

GliderScore supports competitions where a single pilot can enter to fly in a number of different classes and all classes fly the same task each round.

To keep the pilot/class combinations separate for scoring and report purposes you need to set them up in a special way.

  • Create a 'Pilot' entry for each pilot/class combination.
  • Include the class designation in the Last Name field like this

GliderScore recognises the '+' symbol in the last name field and will process it accordingly.

  • In Pilot Entry (with UseClasses? selected)
    The Class field is automatically filled with the first four characters that follow the '+' symbol.
  • All screens and reports that display the pilot class will show the name as just the name.
  • In creating audio, a pilot class that is all capitals will be treated as separate letters.
    For example, +ALES would sound out each letter A...L...E...S, and not sound like beer (Ales).
    In other cases, like Anderson+Woody, these would be treated as separate words, Anderson, Woody.