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Email Reports

This screen is accessible from the Competition setup screen.
Easily send emails to the pilots in the competition.

  • Automatically fills in email addresses for the competition pilots.
  • Lists all available reports that can be attached. Click to attach.
  • Allows browsing for other files and attaching them to the email.
    These could be photos, PDF versions of the reports (that you create yourself) and similar.
  • eScoring links can be emailed.
    Each pilot receives 1) his own link, or 2) links for all in his team, or 3) links for all pilots.
    Email recipients who are not pilots do not receive these links in their emails.
  • Allows copies to be sent to others.
  • Allows space for a message.
  • All pilots are listed. Missing or invalid email addresses can be edited on this screen. Changes are saved on the pilot master file record.
  • A copy of the email is sent to your nominated email address so that you have a record of what was sent.
  • All downloaded reports are deleted when you close the screen.

Click the Email Settings button to create and save the settings needed to send your email.
See below for details about Email Settings.

Email Settings

These settings depend on the email service that you want to use. It may be the service provided by your internet service provider or a service provided by Google (gMail), Hotmail or similar.

If provided by your internet service provider -
- From Email: email address, like my.name@internetprovider.com.au.
- SMTP Server: something like mail.tpg.com.au
- SSL Port: enter the value found from your service provider's website.
- Login name: the login name used to log on to your email account. This may be different to the login to your service provider's website.
- Password: the password used to log on to your email account.

If you want to send using your gMail, Hotmail or similar account -
- From email: email address, like my.name@gmail.com.
- SMTP Server: will be like smtp.gmail.com. or like mail.gmail.com.
- SSL Port: value is whatever gMail, Hotmail and so on specify for this purpose.
- Login name and password are the same as you would normally use to log on to your email account.

This information is saved on your computer and used for sending the emails that you create.

Your password is saved in encrypted form to protect your privacy.

You can change these settings at any time.

If sending from a gMail account..........
Google require two extra steps to send emails from a gMail account.

  • Turn on 2-Step Verification, and
  • Generate an App Password (to use instead of the usual password)

Log in to your gMail account and click on the cog wheel for settings -

  • Navigate to Settings→Accounts and Import→Change Account Settings→Other Google Account settings.
  • Activate 2-Step Verification
    Go to Sign-in and Security→Signing in to Google→2-Step Verification
  • Generate an App Password
    Go to Sign-in and Security→Signing in to Google->App passwords

In GliderScore, use the App Password that was generated instead of your usual password.
Save your settings. Send your email!

Pilot Email Addresses

Click on Pilots on the Main Menu to access the pilot records.

This is where the email addresses are saved.

When you go to Email Reports, the email form is automatically filled with addresses from the Pilots file.