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eScoring for Organisers

Here is everything that you need to know as an organiser.

The top half of this menu is for normal use.

There are two ways of collecting and publishing score data.

The automatic method and the manual Download and Upload methods.

Click on the tabs to learn more about these methods.

'View Missing Scores' creates a report showing pilots who need to submit scores.

Score Records can be viewed or printed from this screen.

To learn about the other items click on the 'Other Options' tab.

I will not go over the steps for setting up a competition, but
it is particularly important to have all your scoring parameters set
before taking the next steps. The scoring parameters are uploaded!

To create a backup system.
The easiest way to do this is to make a copy of the entire C:\GliderScore6 folder on a USB stick.
If the main computer fails, use the USB stick to copy the entire C:\GliderScore6 folder to another PC.
Then open the competition and download all scores from the server.

You cannot create a backup system by exporting the competition and importing to another PC.
On import, the competition gets a new Competition ID and will not work with the data on the server.

Hint: If a pilot gets confused by the system, have him re-scan his QRCode
and start again. This will totally refresh his data from the server.

These are the steps before uploading.

Of course the draw needs to have been completed in its final form.

  • Set the target time.
  • Set the timing decimal places.
  • Set the group score decimal places.
  • Set the landing table to be used.
  • Set the Flight Score Deduction:
          None; Late Landing; Motor Run; Height Penalty
  • Configure the QRCode for eScoring (see section below)
  • Go to the Reports Menu and print the Score Records (see section below)

This data is all uploaded and is needed by the system.

Click on the 'Auto Download/Upload' tab to learn about automating the eScoring system.
Click on the 'Manual Download/Upload' tab to learn how to do it all manually.

Configure the QRCode for eScoring

Access this QRCode Setup screen from the Main Menu.

Click on the green 'Reset for eScoring' button.
Click on the 'Save' button.

This step is now complete.
It never has to be done again.

Go to the Reports Menu and print the Score Records

Click on the 'Score Records' button.

You can also print the 'Score Records' from the eScoring page.

Now you will see this screen

Select to print QRCodes.

You can also check on the QRCode Setup here.

The Score Records will look like this

The columns that print depend on your competition setup.

The URL encoded in the QRCode is written out in full.
You can type this into a browser window and it will all work.

The Score Records will print four to a page for up to 10 rounds drawn.
The print will be two to a page if more than 10 rounds are drawn.

The Score Records are now ready to be handed out to pilots.

Click on the 'Manual Upload' tab after you have finished reading this page.