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In this section

  • Scanning the QRCode
  • Entering scores with smartphone
  • Entering scores with a shared computer
  • Entering scores using any shared device
  • Scoring example for F3K
  • Scoring example for F3B
  • View Results on smartphone

Pilots need a smartphone with a QRCode scanning app installed.
Those without a smartphone can use a 'communal' computer (see below).

I have found QRDroid to be excellent on Android.
For iPhone/iPad, the built in scanner should work. Otherwise Quick Scan is worth trying.

There is no other software required provided the phone has a web browser installed.

Pilots also need their Score Record with their QRCode.

Scanning the QRCode

When the pilot scans the QRCode, it takes him to a web page like this.

The pilot can see exactly when he is drawn to fly.

- For F3K and F5K the task is shown against each round.
- For F3B Distance, the ID is shown.
- For F3B, F3F and F3Q Speed, the flying order is shown.
- Where Lanes are used, the Lane is shown.

Only one flight group is open for score entry.
A score must be entered for the open flight group before
the next one will become available.

Pressing the 'Enter' button takes the pilot to the score entry screen.

Entering scores with smartphone

There are separate screens designed for each competition type.

With F3J there will be a 'Late Landing' box.
With F5J there will be a 'Height Penalty' box.
F3K, F5B and others all have their own special screens.

When the pilot scans the QRCode, it takes him to a web page like this one (on the left).
This page is for F3J.

There are dropdown boxes for minutes, seconds, landing and late landing.

What is not so obvious is that these
dropdown boxes scroll both ways.

So, if you want a high value, pull down.
As the image on the right shows, the initial
value of zero is actually in the middle of a
double list of possible values.

You can enter a zero score with this form.
Press Submit and you will be asked to
confirm by pressing Submit again.
This will record the zero score.

  • Tap the '< Back' button to go to
    the previous score entry page.
  • Tap the 'Back to list' button to go to
    the list of Rounds/Groups.
  • Tap the 'Next >' button to go to
    the next score entry page.

The Back and Next button are enabled or disabled depending on circumstances.

Entering scores with a shared computer

You can set up a separate computer (connected to the internet) for pilots who do not have smartphones.
Pilots will be able to enter their scores by using a small program called eScoringInterface.exe.
This program can run on any internet-connected PC. It does not need GliderScore on the PC.
It can be in any folder.

eScoringInterface.exe is available for download by clicking this button.

Running eScoringInterface.exe brings up this screen.

Key in a name for your competition and the CompID.
The CompID can be found on the Score Record cards.

Click on 'Open User Form' to see this screen.

The pilot enters his pilot number (from the QR Code
string on his Score Record card) and clicks
on 'Connect'.

His scoring screen opens and from this point
he can interact with it in exactly the same way as
he would if using a smartphone.

When finished he clicks on 'Clear' to clear
the screen, ready for the next person.

Closing this form closes the program.

Entering Scores with any Internet Connected Device

This method can be used for any internet connected device, including a PC.
It is suitable when several pilots share the same device.

Log on to gliderscore.com/escoreinterface.aspx
Logging on brings up this screen. Enter the CompID from any Score Record and press Submit

You will then have this screen where you can enter any Pilot ID.
The Pilot ID is the number at the end of the QR Code string on the Score Record.
Press on 'Score' to get the pilot's scoring screen.

From here the pilot can select the round for scoring
and go ahead and enter scores.
Enter another Pilot ID to see their scoring screen.

After entering scores for a round, the scoring screen for the next round becomes available.

You can View scores for previous rounds or Enter scores for the next round.

Scoring example for F3K

                   The right hand image is the score entry form for Task D.
                   One tap fills in all the scores up to the button tapped.

Scoring example for F3B (F3Q is very similar)

View Results on Phone

Details of the pilot's flight group are always available.
Initially all flight group pilot scores are zero. As scores are submitted, a refresh of this screen will show the submitted scores.
The system also shows the Points total at this stage.

Normally, at the end of scoring for a round the CD will upload results to the server.
That way they are available to all pilots.
This updates the flight group data with the normalized scores and the progressive position of every pilot.