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Mildura 2013

GliderScore is easy to use and has all the features needed from pilot entry to final results.
Using the audio features, it will run your competition while you fly.

GliderScore simply takes the hard work out of running RC glider competitions.

  • creates an excellent draw
  • produces draw reports, scoring sheets and score cards
  • allows easy entry of flight data and instantly calculate scores
  • produces up to date competition results at any time
  • allows emailing of draw reports and final results to all competition pilots
  • creates an audio playlist to run the competition
  • integrates audio, timing and digital clock display to run the competition

To find out more, click on the links above or use the side menu.

If you would like to give it a try, get the program here.


RECENT UPDATES (Click here to download the latest files.)

  • GliderScore DigitalTimer 1.03 Updated 23 Feb 2016
  • Improved handling of COM Port and various interface enhancements.
  • GliderScore 6.48 Updated 16 Feb 2016
  • Bug fix to do with Export/Import Pilots from Main Menu.
  • GliderScore 6.48 Released 13 Jan 2016
  • Added 'Country Codes' table.
    This table is populated with all the country codes used by
    the International Olympic Committee and in turn used by the FAI.
    Click here for more information.
  • Added new 'Matrix Badge' to reports.
    The Martix Badge prints a separate badge for each pilot with a table showing,
    for each round of the draw, the pilot's flight group.
    This is sized so that it can easily slip into a holder similar to a name badge holder.
    Click here for more information.
  • Custom Reports
    Custom reports have been added that will print two selected logos, six lines of header information
    and two lines of report footer information.
    Reports that can be customised in this way are
    - Overall Results
    - Team Results
    - Team Results - Summary
    - Fly-Off and Prelim Results (a report combining results for the whole competiton)
    Click here for more information.
  • QRCodes to print on Score Cards
    It is now possible to print Score Cards with a QRCode.
    This is mainly for developers of software to gather scores using smartphones.
    It resolves the problem of getting the data needed to insert the score into the database correctly.
    The information to be encoded is freely configurable and can include any or all key fields of the Scores table as well as some other data.
    Click here for more information about QRCode setup.
    Click here to see QRCoded Score Cards.

Digital Display Board Controller Available

There is a low cost, non-technical solution to obtaining your own external display panel.
For more information, click here.

  • DigitalTimer 1.03 Updated 13 Jan 2016
  • Fixed bug on exiting in case of computer having no serial ports.