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Quick Start - Score Entry

Now we are going to enter some scores

Click on the Score Entry button.

Entering scores is pretty easy.
For times, enter the time without anything between the minutes and the seconds.
So, for 9:59, enter 959. For 10:00, enter 1000. Your data is automatically formatted.

Hint: An easy way to move to the next flight group is to hold down the Ctrl key and press the right-arrow key (on the keyboard).

Now enter the landing score.
Any value from the Landing Bonus table 'Distance' column is valid.
The Landing Bonus table 'Points' value is added to the 'Points' score.

Enter the scores for the other pilots in a similar way.
As you enter scores, the 'TotalScore' figures are updated for you.

Enter the scores for all pilots for all groups and you are done.
Close the Score Entry screen and go to Reports to generate the results.

Click on the Reports tab to continue.