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Quick Start

OK. You have downloaded and installed GliderScore and it all looks a bit complicated.
What comes next?

This Quick Start section will guide you through the basic setting up of a Thermal Duration competition.

Each step is described in the tabs that follow.
Click on each tab to go through the steps in order.

  • Pilots How to get pilot details into GliderScore.
  • NewComp See how to create a new competition record.
  • NewComp Setup Set things up for scoring and be ready to create the draw.
  • Create Draw A few clicks and your pilots will be assigned to their flight groups.
  • ScoreEntry Exactly how to enter scores into GliderScore.
  • Reports How to get the reports that you need (at any stage of your competition).

Remember that these are the basics and there are other options available to deal with more complicated competitions.

Click on the Pilots tab to continue.